Become an investitor in Brazilian Premiere League

Futebol do Brasil comes, as an official representative of a brazilian TOP CLUB, to bring you the best opportunity to make the biggest partnership of all times in brazilian football. Have a look on this data from IBOPE Repucom about football matches broadcasting:

  • 200 – 250 seconds is the avarage of focus in clubs shirts (master sponsor exhibition)
  • 715 seconds is the avarage of focus in advertising boards on the field
  • 277 seconds is the avarage of focus in advertising carpets, beside the goal posts

Some more great informations:

  • $1 Million/month is the value estimated of sponsors exhibition in brazilian club´s social medias
  • 45% of brazilians would choose brand that supports the sport over others
  • Shirts bought by fans means permanent mobile advertising on streets for many years.

More than a MASTER SPONSORSHIP, we offer you the chance to play with the club on the most unusual and different levels as seen in Brazil.

According to the last studies, this TOP CLUB, which has over 100 years of brilliance and more than 45 official national and international championships titles, has its brand estimated in $ 1.4 billion. Being part and playing with this brand can make your company to reach immeasurable targets.

The deal includes:

  • Master featured in shirts
  • Stadium vip areas
  • Stadium advertisements
  • Interview backgrounds

And more…

  • Innovative base and professional athletes participation (% profit sharing)
  • One young athlete free of charge per year of contract

To get more details, you can be in contact with our team this month in Brazil (São Paulo), England (Manchester – Soccerex) or Italy (Turim).

Be welcome to brazilian premiere league with Futebol do Brasil.